Don’t Call me Crazy

3 x 60

The McGuinness Unit in Manchester is one of the largest teenage mental health inpatient units in the country – and a place of last resort for many adolescents with eating disorders or psychosis, who self-harm or are suicidal.

While some of the young patients agree to stay voluntarily undergoing treatment here, others have been detained against their wishes, sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Filmed over the course of a year and with unparalleled access, this series follows teenage girls and boys at the unit as they battle to turn their lives around.

More than half a million young people across the UK are being treated for some kind of mental illness, and over 3,500 teenagers passed through inpatient units like this last year. This series offers a chance for young patients to tell us what it’s really like to live with mental health issues – through the good times and the bad – and dispel the myths, preconceptions and taboos of mental illness.

The film-making here surpassed some of the labels often attached to the Beeb’s yoof channel, by providing a mature and nuanced perspective on mental illness…Another triumph for series producer Richard Macer.

The Times

The trust of everyone in front of the cameras in those behind them was repaid by the end result

The Independent

Outstandng Television

The Observer