Richard started making films many years before he set up Platform and in time has developed a unique authored style which has struck a chord with commissioners, critics and the audience alike. It's hallmarks are strong narratives combined with intimacy and humour.

Grafters 1997 BBCTWO

A series looking at low paid jobs young people do from working in a food factory, a burger van or a theme park.

Tribe 1998

A series exploring youth culture groups in the late nineties from Straightedgers to the gay scene in Belfast, and wannabe TV presenters.

Made In Manchester 1998 BBCTWO

A 24 part documentary soap exploring the lives of people living in Manchester.

Jackpot 1999 BBCTWO

a series looking at different types of gambling.  One of Richards film featured the legendary poker player Devilfish.

Darts Wives 1999 BBCONE

An observational film spending time with Darts players and their wives as they prepare for and take part in the world championships.

Jordan – The Model Mum 2001 BBCTHREE

one of a trilogy of films about the glamour model as she tries to balance life as a page three model and a single mother.  Winner RTS Award, Best Factual Programme.

The Real Swiss Toni 2001 BBCTHREE/ONE

Life in a second hand car dealership in Dudley.

Sex And The Settee 2002 BBCTHREE

life in a Nottinghamshire designer furniture business as you’ve never seen it before!

Crackhouse 2003 BBCTWO

the lives of crack addicts in Liverpool as told by one of their childhood friends.  Winner Grierson Awards, Best Documentary.

Shaun Ryder – The Ecstasy and the Agony 2004 BBCTHREE

A year in the life of the Happy Mondays front man as he tries to rebuild his life after going bankrupt and suffering drug and alcohol addiction.   Winner RTS Award, Best Factual Programme.

The Secret Life Of The Shop 2005 BBCTHREE

A four part series filmed over a year at the designer clothes shop Psyche in Middlesbrough.

The Naked Rambler 2005 BBCONE

Walking from Lands End to John O’Groats with the naked rambler Steve Gough and his girlfriend Melanie.

Sugar Mummies 2006 BBCONE

A film for the prestigious ONELife strand looking at relationships where the woman is much older than the man.

Famously Reincarnated 2006 BBCONE

Again a film for the ONELife strand this time looking at people who believe they are someone famous.  For example the man from the Yukon who thought he was Elvis Presley and the woman from Toronto who channelled the spirit of Marilyn Monroe.

Welcome To My World 2007 BBCTHREE

Richards first foray into presenting (and his last).   This film explores the weird and wonderful world of multi-channel TV including a shopping telly channel, an adult channel and a devout Christian channel.

The Department Store 2008 BBCFOUR

A three part series looking at how different family owned department stores are facing up to the challenges of the high street.  Winner RTS Best Factual Programme.

Behind The Scenes Of The Museum 2010 BBCFOUR

A three part series looking at different museums which are struggling to survive through lack of funds.  Winner RTS Awards Best Factual Programme.

Tales From The National Parks 2011 BBCFOUR

a three part series exploring the issues confronting our nations most treasured landscapes.  Nominated RTS Awards Best Factual Series.

Baby Makers 2012 BBCFOUR

A single film exploring what it is like to work in one of the largest fertility clinics in the country.

Don’t Call Me Crazy 2013 BBCTHREE

A three part series filmed over a year with exclusive access to a teenage psychiatric unit in Manchester.  Winner RTS Award, Best Factual Series.

The Dealership 2013 Channel 4

A three part series set in a Essex based second hand car dealership.

Champneys 2014 ITV1

The country’s most luxurious spa is about to start a process of extensive renovations to improve its customer service.  But will clients be put off by the works?

Life Begins Now 2015 BBCTHREE

Life at a college for people with severe learning difficulties.